Robert “Bob” Slaughter was the brother of Jebediah “Red” Slaughter who was wanting to create a new name for their family in the town of Eureka. Bob helped his brother Red building barns, hosting hayrides and planting corn throughout the valley. Along with a full staff of employees, Red and Bob were finally getting rid of their tainted family name.

bobshayride2All was going well until a chemical spill a few miles away poisoned his crops and family reputation again. Without buyers for his crops, Red and his farm slowly slipped into bankruptcy. Believing he could wash the chemical away, Red and Bob began working on a new well to provide them with the necessary water to clean their land.

As they dug, they came across a chest covered in archaic symbols. Foolishly Red and Bob opened the chest, releasing ancient demonic spirits which quickly possessed Red and Bob before taking over the souls of the employees. Possessed by this evil force they butchered every animal and innocent person on the farm before wandering into the corn field… never to be seen again.

Once again, the farm lay abandoned until 2009 when it reopened, mysteriously beckoning those looking for a scare into the corn, never to be seen again. The year is now 2011 and the Fear Farm is open again, bigger then ever! Lose your soul in Red’s Corn Maze Massacre or take a ride on Farmer Bob’s Haunted Hayride in the Haunted Valley of Eureka.