Guided Tours

While Twin Rivers Guided Kayak Trips give guests the opportunity to paddle in comfort, explore tight water passages, and be independent, the best reason to join a Kayak Trip is that they’re so much fun! Our single seat recreational kayaks are stable and a joy to paddle. Large, open cockpits, padded seats and adjustable backrests make them very comfortable for a day on the water. Paddling a kayak gives each guest flexibility and independence to explore and paddle at his or her own pace. In a kayak, it’s possible to venture into narrow, shallow waterways, inaccessible to most other watercraft. No experience is needed.

Guests on our Guided Kayak Trips learn the basics of paddling a kayak in a brief instruction session and safety meeting held at the beginning of each trip. Additional instruction is given throughout each trip by our expert guides. The skills taught are easy to master and our boats are intuitively controlled. Our Guided Kayak Trips can serve as an introduction to a healthy sport that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

As with all Twin Rivers Guided Trips, our Kayak Trips are “all-inclusive.” We provide what you need for the trip; you provide your smile!

Corporate And Social Functions

Small to Mid size parties gather at Twin River to enjoy some relaxation on the water. Choose between lunches at the pavilion or have us set up lunch for you and your party on the river. Perhaps some people in your party are a little green and uneasy about being on the water. We have guides that you may take along to ease their apprehension.

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